listen to the passage

“there are a number of recordings of the passage playing live. thanks to nick blakey in the usa for finding most of them. primitive recordings made by members of the audience, they are usually close to unlistenable. i've picked out a few songs where, hopefully, the audio quality & our performance aren't too cringeworthy”
endure, joe

kickback, unreleased demo, 1984

fear (updated), pindrop, 1980

devils and angels, peel session, 1980

shave your head, lon don ica, new years day 1981

fear, lon don royal college of art, 1981

lon don, chorley, 1981

horseplay, manchester ritz, 1982

lost in music, manchester ritz, 1982

sharp tongue, enflame, 1983

angleland, radio session, 1983

all media donated by the passage and reproduced with permission