about this website

photo from the nme, 1981 (kevin cummins)

this website was started in october 2002 by keith nuttall — first impressed by love is as on john peel's saturday afternoon radio show, as a teenager in 1982

The following year, he moved to Liver pool, was loaned the degenerates and enflame lps, and became hooked

Sadly, The Passage was already coming to an end, but imagine his surprise and delight when he bumped into Joe McKechnie in the Casablanca Club, and invited him to an upcoming house party, like a proper fanboy

18 years later, he reconnected with joe, who has since provided a lot of material for this website, and kept him in the loop with passage-related news

having disbanded over 40 years ago, and there being almost zero chance of a reunion, there's not going to be much to add to this website. but more information and press cuttings surface from time to time. so it's worth checking every now and then


jeremy greenwood, kevin cummins, tom sheehan, neal wilson, jude calvert-toulmin, beat the drum, the face, the great alternative & indie discography, the kingston informer, masterbag, melody maker, music master, the new musical express, printed noises, the record mirror, sounds, tone death, vinyl, zig zag


simon dell, nick blakey, scott gibbons, paul wilson, alan terrill, mark bursa, iain grey, roger marchi, neil horabin, mark griffiths, Morten Müller, james nice, Bob Dickinson, damien mahoney, tony friel, lizzy johnson, dick witts, andy wilson,
and joe mckechnie

special thanks

big thanks to joe mckechnie for his generous contributions, clarifications and guidance over the years, including many pictures, cuttings and digital files

pats on the backs for nick blakey and simon dell for their painstaking research

cheers to paul wilson, for helping me get this started
and thanks to scott gibbons for providing the first flesh to the bones