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degenerates... sont des manifestes de disco detournée, a la fois dansante et pleine de sens. notre siècle est un melange diffus de moyen-age omnipresent dans les attitudes de la vie de tous les jours et la modernité projetée dans l'art et la musique, cette dualité ets tres nette dans la musique de the passage. toute la magie du groupe passe dans l'ambiance que crée le ton du dialogue entre les deux chanteurs, l'un tres gentleman avec une voix d'animateur-tv, l'autre, juvenile avec une voix plus agressive, violente et sensuelle

gai pied hebdo

smash hits on degenerates
smash hits, 29 may 1982

degenerates was the first real hit album that the band had, thanks to the single xoyo being well-received among listeners with an iq over 27. i suspect the previous single taboos must've received some success (simply because it's so damn good!) but i have nothing with which to back up that statement... regardless, fans of the band were eager to hear what was coming next. and with degenerates we have a thickly layered assemblage of electronic tones and very lush drumming. yes, the passage have a real drummer, but now he's using electronic drums for a very distinct sound. starting here and with the taboos single the songwriting definitely becomes quite catchy & potentially commercial, while never heading into that territory already dominated now by bands like depeche mode and omd which ultimately shaped the bland "pop" music of the 90's. the passage still have a unique sound all their own, but now it's matured. elegantly, not compromising

scott gibbons

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john opposition on degenerates
sounds, 26 june 1982

degeneration games
melody maker, 12 June 1982

...degenerates showed the passage up for the strange and wonderful entity they were to become. the single off the album xoyo not only started the album off but set the tone for what was to come and the rousing choral refrain of "xoyo triple x sex mosaics" is sung even now in corridors, open spaces and wherever sensible people people meet... if you feel threatened - well maybe you're in the wrong


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new musical express, 3 july 1982

vox fanzine on degenerates
vox fanzine (ireland), #12, july 1982

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