reviews of pindrop


...dark, spacey, disturbing and quite beautiful

trouser press

pindrop is a murky, swirling, pulsating mass. drums are pounded urgently, with organ and voice wavering in and out of the mix like some kind of aural phantasy. composition plays second fiddle to the lyrics, which are often buried in the mix anyway. alienating, even disorienting! and engineered to sound like it was recording in the same olde back alley recording studio where lynch's eraserhead soundtrack was mastered. pindrop is easily one of the most mysteriously brilliant albums ever

scott gibbons

fear! anger! power! love!
city fun (manchester fanzine), sep 1980

fear! anger! power! love!paul morley on pindrop
new musical express, 18 Oct 1980

record mirror on pindrop
record mirror, 18 october 1980

horror, revulsion and pain
sounds, 25 october 1980

vox fanzine on pindrop
vox fanzine (ireland), 1980