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for all and none
september 2018: better late than never. added a magazine article and degenerates review from dutch magazine vinyl. thanks, simon

august 2017: dimitris antonopoulos has sent me a link to an interview he did with dick for the rockzone programme on radio ΚΑΝΑΛΙ 1 90.4 (greece)

march 2017: eyewear publishing released a book of passage lyrics by dick witts called "the passage: post-punk poets". dick was at the book launch in bloomsbury, lon don. This is a limited run of 500 hardback copies at £20. here's mine…

Post-Punk Poets by Dick Witts

besides the texts, there is a preface by editor Todd Swift, an introduction by uberfan Graham Duff, historical illustrations from notable photographers, and an afterword by Dick

april 2016: scoop! for a limited time, hear kickback, a demo recorded by the passage back in the day
joe: “kickback is a song we demoed just before pressing the stop button on the passage back in 1984. digitally transferred from my cassette copy a few years back & then tidied-up just recently, it is heard here for the first time. the studio tapes are long gone. this ‘from cassette’ version is all we have. enjoy”

in other news:
Close to the Noise Floor: Formative UK electronica, 1975-1984
cherry red releases a monster 61-track 4-cd box-set of british electronica, complete with 9000 words of artist-penned sleeve notes, archive photos and extracts from dave henderson's legendary wild planet. it's called close to the noise floor and includes drugface from enflame.
more on cherry red's website

...and finally: removed the downloads page and re-worked the discography section

february 2016: added lyrics to time delay and taboos

october 2015: added a zig zag interview with dick to the features page, and a few more nuggets to the gigography (thanks, nick)

august 2015: added some flyers and adverts to the gigography page (thanks again, simon)
now you can pretend you were there

july 2015: updated the links page. please let me know if you know any more good ones

june 2015: a tone death fanzine interview with dick witts and a beat the drum interview with dick witts were unearthed, thanks to simon dell

may 2015: minor updates to the gigography, thanks to nick blakey and david marty

february 2015: very little new content, but i have rewritten the website, so that it's more readable on mobile devices. you're welcome

old news

february 2012: i have removed the empty words bbs, as it was under-used and out of date. please visit the passage page on facebook for your fix of passage chat

november 2011: again, thanks to simon dell, we have updates to the gigography, and a rewritten biography, using information from the aforementioned printed noises article

august 2011: added fanzine printed noises from 1979 to the press features page, thanks to simon dell

february 2011: began adding selected archive print articles to the website - many thanks to simon dell, lizzy johnston and joe mckechnie for their contribution

july 2010: transcribed nick blakey's gigography of the passage live

october 2009: shamed by a comment in a recent interview with respected music photographer kevin cummins, i have attempted to give credit (where known) for purlioned artwork and photography

september 2009: greek radio station kanali ena's dimitris antonopoulos did a feature on the passage on his rock zone programme, with interviews from joe mckechnie and dick witts
find the interviews on youtube

january 2009: added information on paul o'mahoney and a link to his new band contrawave

november 2007: finally got round to adding a bbs/forum, called empty words, for fans to chat about all things passage

september 2007: added several new pictures to the photographs section. many thanks to tony friel

november 2006: after the announcement that smartgroups was to close down its service, the chat group was moved to jiglu

january 2006: hear the passage playing live in lon don 25 years ago. another track from new year's day 1981 at the ica: fear (1.0mb mp3); and later in april at the rca: the beginning the dawn (1.8mb mp3). mp3s donated by the passage and reproduced with permission

joe's old band benny profane are to get a new lease of life when their trapdoor swing / dumb luck charm reissue is released by lovable ltm in february. visit the benny profane showcase

november 2003: british monthly music magazine the wire has a back-page soliloquy about the lasting effect of the passage on writer nicholas royle

march 2003: ltm publishing, a specialist in 80s manchester bands, re-issued all of the passage's albums, augmented in the following ways:

ltm also released a bbc sessions compilation, containing three john peel sessions from november 1980, october 1981 and may 1982 (including two unreleased songs) and three demos from 1983 (including one unreleased song)

these cds can be purchased through srd, sister ray, rough trade and opal in the uk or darla in the usa

they are also available direct from james nice at:
1 spinney close, beetley, dereham, nr20 4tb, united kingdom