16 hours

reading a paper, looking for work
writing the claim, looking up words
open the pages, follow the pages,
line after line say nothing outrageous
you're one in a crowd of well over a million
you're one pence too short for a cigarette
you're tired of building a mountain of debt
making an effort, little to choose
making a model but lacking the tools
knocking out holes, cutting them short
those shapeless officials who say what they're taught
you're one in a sea of well over a million
you're one pence too short to place a bet
you're tired of swimming in a river of debt
you waited to see her for sixteen hours
you cried out inside for sixteen hours
you hung around feeling time turn sour

needing adventure, hunting for friends
taking the trouble, looking ahead
walking down back streets, seeing the sights
of people who like to be locked in at night
you're one in a street of well over a million
you're one degree short for a life of ease
you've nothing to kindle, you're all set to freeze
making some progress, taking your time
rising from zero you're bound to survive
feeling alone, standing alone
needing another to help you to grow
you're one in a ring of well over a million
there's no point in praying your luck will increase
it's better to fight for a sense of release
you waited to catch her for sixteen hours
you were ready to end after sixteen hours
you ought to hold on for one more hour

taking an outrage, standing aside
watching the rootless with nothing to hide
pay careful attention to stick to the law
that children of fortune need someone to fall
you're one in the life of just over a million
you're one degree higher then people in need
so act as your servant to fight for release
it's simple to fall in the trap of conceit
you have to hold on to the others you meet
you need to strike out at their litter of wealth
but you've nothing to lose but the lead of self-love
you waited to touch her for sexteen hours
you gave up the fight in just sixteen hours
you need to hold on for one more hour

dick witts text by richard witts