a good and useful life revived

hofmann la roche
and a floor to call your own
it all adds up
add it up

take from the total
all that divides us
figure it out
now we're equal

subtract from the sum
all but the root
we start from zero

so take it in
take it all in _
grease it down
that severe hair
as flat as the thirties
crammed room (bouncing heads)

red light
a necklace or two rolling around
several ties
feet all thumbs (tumble about)
something to say (can't think)
lying your head off, lying your head off
just for today (alright, i'm a liar)
great great no really
great great great no really (boiling up)
now who thought this out?

hip rebels
good rebels
useful rebels
leading a good and useful life

dick witts text by richard witts