anderton's hall

there's nothing much here to worry the law
a few things out of place, a few things torn
there's a bit of a mess at the edge of the screen
not much to hold against us if they call

i'd turn up the sound, i'd play the fall
but anderton doesn't like them at all
it's safer to stick to the leisure-wear beat
no point in stirring it in anderton's hall
meals disneyland love

we're glad you came, it won't be a bore
we hope you enjoyed it and your body's not sore
i know that they'll know that you've come and gone 'cos
they'll look for the red white and warm on the floor
outside, be careful where you walk
peace on earth, on beds, on doors
all days, all nights, it's never secure
you never know who your clothes offend
and don't say you've been in anderton's hall
meals disneyland love

it's so quiet here you'd hear a fly yawn
you can hear us grow old in
anderton's hall

dick witts text by richard witts