@th day

steering the ship of life as you travel on life's highways
steering the ship of life through the highs and lows of life's currents
there's one big thing you learn from life
and me and my brothers want to share this with you, right?
yeah sure right here right now (right on right or wrong)

service with a smile never say nothing
a simple mark-up for the trouble dealing and cutting
sod all of life's punters the dumpy and thin
i give each a taste of my corner shop grin (that'll fix ’em!)

sheep from goats
wheat from tares
chaff from wheat
split the hairs!
i'm honest to god
straight as a die
like a sleeping dirty dog
let me lie

respect my stand
hands off my helping hand

i mind my own business and i'll tell you the truth
my eyes are trick mirrors reflecting your views
sheer honesty's cut with a million deceits
so i deal in the kind that benefit me

respect my stand
hands off my helping hand


when the riot's official i'll stand by with my band
serenading the rebels pressing coins in my hand (my helping hand)
and when liberty's dragged in i'll be clenching my fist (my helping fist)
along with the others that never took risks
never say yes
never say no
never offend
never give out
nothing to say
everyone's friend
just a fair-is-fair take-off
to build me a fence

respect my stand
hands off my helping hand

dick witts text by richard witts