a nocturne
in the clean black air
under their breath
they heard a pindrop
they and the routeless earth
oh and the dead light
and the frost
they were nerve sunk
by middle night
it was star hung
this wilderness
but not a trace
it was a hunt
it was malice
it was waste
they had the weapons
they had the words
but they had a weakness
they had a fear
not hazard
not risk but worse much worse
they had a fear
of light in the dark
of sounds that were clear
you misunderstood
the point of their game
you should learn what they mean
and not what they say
you looked at a shadow
not at a face
(you see) they're not running towards
they're running away
even hunters fear the horn
and man disposed to evil
will take good care to hide it
with smiles and double dealing
he'd hate the world to learn
the words he speaks are snares

dick witts text by richard witts