they've taken time and life to run in circles
for you and me and them to run in circles
and you call it progress? (hm, some revolution)
8 hours a day to earn a living
8 hours a day to sleep it off
8 hours a day to lose it (so democratic)
it's done to teach us time is money
they want to make us think that time is money
(a clock face measures out the cost of living)
and when you're given any time off
you're only filling in the hours
between the earning end the spending
but there are places
where time isn't counted like coins
somewhere else
time is a hole
where? look behind you
in the third world
it takes a minute to believe them
it takes an hour to see they're wrong, but
it takes a life to tell them never
we had the chance to change two worlds
we had the chance to change two worlds
we watched the clock too long
but oh! what a century
what an age for telling tales
the best of all possible times
the worst of all possible states
and for all the talk and all the teaching
we've only learnt one thing: the way of the locust

piece by piece
time chops
your way op living
it's not necessity
it's not greed, it's envy
we may have learnt one thing
but there's one thing we didn't see
the power of the panther

dick witts text by richard witts